Four Seasons Resort Bali at Sayan

Four Seasons Resort Bali at Sayan

Nestled in the central highlands near Ubud, the artistic and cultural centre of Bali, Four Seasons Resort Bali at Sayan overlooks the terraced rice fields that rise from the sacred Ayung River. The resort is a striking design that houses its suites, health club, spa and restaurant in a main building with the villas arranged over the hillside leading down to the river. With just 18 suites and 28 villas, the resort has an intimate feel that is complemented by the warmth of the staff.

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Shrine at entrance The resort is about an hour's drive from the airport in the air-conditioned comfort of a Range Rover and you're greeted by friendly staff at the resort entrance. The Balinese are a very religious people and this shrine was built by them long before the resort opened. It has naturally been preserved and makes a lovely introduction to a unique resort.
The Ayung River is a major feature of the resort and you'll see one of its tributaries as you cross the teak-and-steel bridge to reach the large, circular lotus pond crowning the main resort building. Take a few minutes to admire the view before you descend the stairs to the open-air reception. Bridge to pond
A look back One level down from the lotus pond is reception and when you step out of the doorway you'll see the bridge you just walked across. You'll also be standing on a long, curving, golf cart path that leads to the villas in one direction and the greeting/parking area you just came from. There are enough stairs in this four-layered building that it's wise to remember that there are golf carts available to take you anywhere you like on the resort property. You can call for one to take you from your villa to the parking lot, for example, where you can board transportation to go into nearby Ubud.
Descending the stairs from bridge level, I stopped on the landing to take a first impression of the lobby bar and the view across the river. View from the stairs
View from the stairs Shifting slightly to the right on the same landing, I took this photo of the circular walls and ceiling fan. You can see a bit of the lobby bar and, one level below, a small portion of the restaurant.
Time for a cold towel and a welcome drink, thoughtfully provided by the staff. Everywhere, you're surrounded by cream-colored stone which, when it's exposed to the rain on the outer walls, grows its own green moss that helps the building blend into its surroundings -- an important design element of the resort. Right, drinks are over. Let's go downstairs for lunch... Lobby bar

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